LiteGear LiteMat S2 2L LED Kit

$150 / day

Quantity: 2

The LiteGear LiteMat S2 2L is a lightweight LED lighting fixture. For use in cinema, television, and HD video. Designed to be a high quality colour-correct (bi-colour) light source that is thin and portable, yet durable.

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The LiteGear LiteMat S2 2L LED is a lightweight bi-colour light fixture. It produces a soft, high quality light with CCT ranging from 2600 K to 6000K. In addition, power is around 5000 Lumens at full output. The design is based on twotiled” light engines, with a head unit featuring 576 genuine CineMitter LEDs, with a CRI rated to 95+ with a matching TLCI of more than 95.

The LiteMat’s dimensions are 1016 mm x 292 mm at 25mm thickness, and weighing only 1.6kg. Finally, the light is fully dimmable and flicker-free with the LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid.