LAOWA Pro2be 24mm T8 2x Probe Lens Set (Direct, 35°, 90°)

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Laowa’s set of three 24mm 2x T8 Pro2be lenses. Includes a direct, and 35° and 90° Periscope lens. All at a fast T8 maximum aperture. All lenses cover up to a Full-Frame sensor.

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The LAOWA Pro2be 24mm T8 2x Probe 3-Lens Set from Venus Optics. This set comprises a direct view straight lens. Also, a 35° view lens, and finally a 90° periscope lens. Each lens covers full-frame a full-frame sensor, and has a maximum aperture of T8.

Venus Optics LAOWA Pro2be 24mm T8 2x Probe Lens (90° Periscope, ARRI PL)

Capture unique close-up views using the 90° Periscope View Lens. It covers up to full-frame camera sensors, and is waterproof down to 14.4″. In addition, close-focus to 0.2″. A relatively fast T8 maximum aperture, a 2x magnification ratio, and 360° rotation.

Capture sharp magnified shots at ground, tabletop, or overhead level. All while your camera remains in a comfortable operating position. Also create dynamic travel shots through products, models, or natural components.

A 2x magnification ratio and a minimum focus of just 0.2″ enable you to capture extreme close-ups.

The Pro2be incorporates four HR (high refractive) and nine ED (extra-low dispersion) glass elements. These produce accurate colour rendition and optimal sharpness.

The maximum aperture is a relatively fast T8, enabling you to shoot in limited light.

This periscope lens is 3.9″ longer than earlier models, increasing the positioning options.
The lens rotates 360° at the camera mount, enabling you to adjust the angle and elevation of the view.

Finally, the Laowa Pro2be is submersible to 14.4″, providing greater flexibility for underwater capture.


Features of the Laowa Pro2be 3-lens set:

  • Direct View 24mm T8 Probe Lens
  • 90° Periscope 24mm T8 Probe Lens
  • 35° View 24mm T8 Probe Lens
  • Covers Up to Full-Frame Sensors