Creamsource Micro Bender Kit

$100 / day
$200 / weekend
$350 / week

Quantity: 2

The Creamsource Micro Benders are small, lightweight bi-colour LED panels that rival the output of some 200w HMIs while drawing only 80W of power. The kit includes a DOP Snapbag softbox, V-lock battery plate, power supply, lens and other accessories.

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The Creamsource Micro Bender is a powerful LED powered by a single 90w brick, drawing only 80W and rivalling the output of 200W HMI Luminaries. The light shares the same excellent quality output as the rest of the Creamsource range and has adjustable colour temperature between 2700K to 6500K and a CRI/TLCI of greater than 90.

The light itself weights approximately 2.5kg and is less than half the size of the Creamsource Mini+ at 220 x 205 x 100mm and is waterproof, and with an IP65 rating meaning it is suitable for all weather conditions!

There are three main different rigging options: Quick release Yoke, Kino Flo Style Twist-on Mount, or single 3/8th Thread.