Canon EOS C300 mark III (mk 3) Cinema Camera Hire (EF or PL)

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The Canon C300 mark III is a super-35 Cinema Camera. It features dual native ISO and up to 120fps 4K shooting. Thus making this camera idea for Documentary, Broadcast or Cinema applications.

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The Canon C300 mark III is a dual-gain, super-35 cinema camera. Features include a dual-gain sensor, 120fps 4K shooting and anamorphic lens support. Additionally the C300 mark III can be provided in EF or PL mount.

Canon Super 35 Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor

The EOS C300 Mark III features a Super 35mm Dual Gain Output Sensor. This new sensor is capable of dynamic ranges in excess of 16 stops. In addition, it is compatible with Dual Pixel Auto-focus technology. The DGO sensor provides high dynamic range while maintaining low-noise levels. Different gains are used to process each pixel. Brighter areas with with a saturation-prioritising amplifier, and darker areas with a lower-noise amplifier.

New Image Processor

The EOS C300 Mark III features a new DIG!C DV7 image processor. It takes the raw data captured from the imaging sensor and processes it for output. In addition, it enables features such as high frame rate recording, Autofocus, Cinema Raw Light Recording and proxy recording.

Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus with Touch AF and Face Detection

The Canon C300 Mark III (mk 3) features Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology. DAF can survey the scene and recognise whether the subject is in focus or not. DAF also powers the intuitive Focus Guide for users who prefer to focus manually.

High Frame Rate; 4K 120p and 2K CROP 180p

Canon’s C300 Mark III is capable of ultra-high frame rate recording. Frame rates up to 120 fps are obtainable in 4K. In addition, a 2K crop mode provides speeds up to 180 fps.

Canon Log 2 and 3 Gamma

The EOS C300 Mark III supports both Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 gamma. Canon Log reproduces the entire tonal range of the CMOS image sensor. Log workflows provide the user with a higher dynamic range. What this means is more highlight and shadow retention, and more flexibility in grading.

Canon Log 2 provides the largest dynamic range and image detail. However it typically requires more time in colour correction.

Canon Log 3 provides most of the benefits of Log workflow, but with shorter turnaround times. This alternative offers a slightly reduced dynamic range of 14 stops.

Modular Design

A new modular design allows productions to customise the EOS C300 Mark III to specific shooting needs. Accessories and expansion units provide different levels of functionality. Large zoom lenses, FIZ units and audio accessories are easily mounted to the camera. Alternatively strip the camera down to fly on a drone.

Canon Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC Recording

Thanks to DIG!C DV7, the C300 Mark III can record Cinema RAW Light directly to CFexpress cards. Cinema RAW Light flexible grading with a dynamic range that can exceed 16 stops. In addition file sizes are 1/3 to 1/5 the size of Canon Cinema RAW. Canon Cinema RAW Light offers a nice combination of codec efficiency and quality.

In addition a 4:2:2 10-bit Long GOP-based codec is included. This codec has a data rate less than half of conventional Intra codecs. This new lightweight codec makes it easier for users to reduce media costs.

Canon’s XF-AVC codec records 4K or 2K internally onto CF-express cards. Frame fates up to 4K 120 fps and 2K up to 180 fps.

Touchscreen Monitor and EVF support

The LM-V2 is a 4.3″ LCD Monitor with an easy-to-view touch panel. If required, the monitor can be substituted for the Canon EVF-V70 OLED EVF.

4-Channel Audio Recording

The EOS C300 Mark III supports up to 4-channel audio recording. The EU-V2 Expansion Unit supports a total of four XLR ports. This flexibility allows for a wide range of audio devices to be connected and mixed directly on the camera.

Custom User LUTs

Users can upload and apply custom LUTs to the Canon C300 Mark III. LUTs are assigned to specific output terminals, LCD, and viewfinder. Clients can be viewing one LUT, while production works from another.

Interchangeable Lens Mounts

Interchangeable lens mounts are available. The EOS C300 Mark III ships with an EF mount. However Camera Hire can convert this to PL mount. Each mount swaps easily by simply removing four hex screws.

Anamorphic Lens Support

The EOS C300 Mark III offers support for both 2.0x and 1.33x anamorphic lenses. Users can achieve wide cinematic looks, oval bokeh, and striking flares particular to anamorphic lenses.

Proxy Recording

Higher resolution, greater bit depths, and faster frame rates provide versatility but come at the cost of much larger file sizes. Proxy files provide a lower bandwidth alternative for initial file sharing and rough cutting.

Canon’s EOS C300 Mark III can simultaneously record 2K Proxy files. For example, Cinema RAW Light to the CF-express card, while a proxy is recorded to SD card. In addition, the C300 Mark III can also apply LUTs to Proxy recording.

Electronic Image Stabilisation

The same five-axis electronic IS introduced with the EOS C500 Mark II is included. This works with almost any lens, including anamorphic.