Aputure Space Light

$22 / day
$33 / weekend
$44 / week

Quantity: 4

The Aputure Space Light is great for general soft illumination on set or in studio. It is compatible with the Aputure 300D mk II, 300D, 120d mk ii and 120d.

Note:  Price is for the accessory only. Does not include the light (available separately).

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The Aputure Space Light is commonly hung (often with several space lights) on set or in a studio. The result is a space filled with soft, optimally distributed illumination. The 28.5″ long translucent modifier has an 18″ diameter and a cylindrical shape. In addition, it has an open bottom which allows some light to reach the floor. The Space Light comes with a side reflector. This provides more control over the ratio of output from one side to the other. Finally, the Aputure Space Light is compatible with the Light Storm series of Aputure lights. For example the Aputure 300d mark II and 120d mark II.

Diameter: 68.7 cm
Depth: 25 cm
Shape: 16-Sided (round)
Compatibility: Light fixtures with Bowens front accessory mount
Weight: 1.45 kg