Aputure INFINIBAR PB12 RGBWW LED Tube 8-Light Kit (4′)

$330 / day

The Aputure PB12 8-light kit includes eight 4-foot (120cm) RGB Tube Lights. In addition, a charging case comes standard. All lights can be controlled with Aputure’s Sidus app.

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Aputure’s 4-foot INFINIBAR PB12 8-Light Kit includes eight 120cm RGBWW Tube lights. Each tube light comes with power cables, adapters, and light control grids in the sturdy flight case. In addition to charging each light individually, the kit has a 330W power adapter. This has 8-way splitters to simultaneously charge all eight tube lights.

The PB12 INFINIBAR’s are highly versatible. They offer dynamic and colourful lighting designs. Each infinibar has 96 pixels of CRI 96/TLCI 98 colour. Use the PB12 infinibar as a key light, or build directly into sets. In addition, use its connector ecosystem to create new shapes and designs. The PB12’s RGBWW chipset produces colour temperatures from 2000 to 10,000K. In addition, they have full green-magenta adjustment, and advanced hue, saturation, and intensity controls. The result is a wide gamut of precise and accurate colours. Synchronize Aputure’s Infinibar’s via the Sidus Link app. Finally, LumenRadio CRMX, or through wired DMX with an optional USB-C to DMX adapter.


Key Features of the Aputure Infinibar PB12 8-light kit:

  • For Studio and Film/TV Production
  • Output: 617 Lux at 3.3′ (120º, 7500K)
  • 2000 to 10,000K; RGB Color Control
  • 23.8 x 1.8″ Panel; AC/DC Operation
  • CRI 96 | TLCI 98 | SSI 74 | TM-30 94
  • DMX, CRMX, and Sidus Link App Control
  • Passive Cooling
  • 2 x 1/4-20″ Threads, INFINIBAR Rail
  • 8 x 45º Light Control Grids
  • Flight Case and 330W Power Adapter