Aputure Fresnel 2X

$33 / day
$55 / weekend
$88 / week

Quantity: 8

The Fresnel 2X attachment features a dual lens design and is adaptable to many situations, with its ability to intensify the output of compatible lights. It is compatible with the Aputure 300D mk ii, 300D, 120d mark II and 120d.

Note:  Price is for the accessory only. Does not include the light (available separately).

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The Fresnel 2X attachment can intensify the output of lights. It is compatible with Aputure barndoors and Bowens mount lights. The dual lens design features a rear lens which focuses and magnifies the beam on the front 6″ lens. The fresnel wastes no light. The result, lights such as the Aputure 120D II are up to 14 times brighter. The new rotating barrel is intuitive to users, similar to a camera lens. A smooth focus throw to finesses beam angles. The result, flood to spot with a simple twist.


Dual lens magnification
Large 6-inch Fresnel lens
New rotating spot/flood design for increased stability and smoothnes
Minimal light leak design
Robust, heat-resistant material
Compatible with Bowens mount lights and Aputure lights

Dimensions: 180 × 180 × 141mm
Weight: 1.24kg
Beam angle: 12 – 40 Degrees