Carl Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed Lens

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The Carl Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed Lens features full manual focus and aperture control, wide aperture for low light situations, and standard focus & iris gear positions.

Note: This lens is available in both EF and PL mounts.

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The Carl Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed Lens is a prime lens with a maximum aperture of T1.5. The lens includes full manual aperture and focus control, and is specifically designed for videographers and filmmakers.

The Carl Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 Super Speed is available as either an EF mount, or PL mount.

High Performance

  • Planar 85mm/T.15 with a 17° angle of view
  • Advanced handle of low-light and night conditions
  • More possibilities for cinematic shallow depth-of-field
  • Especially effective in low-light with higher ISO cameras
  • Limits the need for artificial light and produces natural looks
  • Provides complete coverage of full frame 24 x 36 size sensors
  • 300° manual focusing ring rotation allows precise follow-focusing
  • 4K-compatible

Superb Optics

  • Two aspheric lens elements and two special types of glass
  • T* coating and internal light traps very exceptionally handle flare
  • Fourteen iris blades open up consistently circular across all T-stops
  • Achieves smooth bokeh and impressive highlights in out-of-focus areas

Broad Flexibility

  • Features an interchangeable mount system
  • Offers PL and EF mount compatibility
  • Standard focus / iris gears for follow-focus compatibility
  • Works with all 24 x 36 sensor cameras, like the 5D and 1DC
  • Consistent front diameter and color-matched with the rest of the CP.2 family


  • Planar 85mm Cine Prime Super Speed
  • EF and PL Mounts Available
  • Body Markings in Feet
  • T1.5 with 14 High-Precision Iris Blades
  • Great In Low-Light / Night / Outdoor
  • 17° Angle of View
  • Full Frame Coverage of 24 x 36 Sensors
  • Interchangeable Mount System
  • 300° Manual Focus Rotation