Zacuto Target Shooter

$45 / day
$60 / weekend
$80 / week

The Zacuto Target Shooter is a simple, yet effective method of camera stabilisation for handheld shots. Designed to be pressed against the body of the shooter, this small setup is effective in minimising camera movement.

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The Zacuto Target Shooter is a super lightweight camera stabilisation kit available for rental at Camera Hire. This is a basic support system, designed to be used with an small to mid sized lightweight camera kit. The Gorilla plate, included with the Target Shooter attaches to the camera ( also providing a provision for Z-finder mounting ) and is then mounted to the main 15mm rod. By flipping the red lever, the rig and Gorilla plate can be quickly separated.

This rig cannot accommodate a follow focus or matte box ( we offer larger setups perfect for this ) however performs superbly when used with an SLR camera body and smaller lens.


  • Lightweight chest support
  • Provision for Z-finder use
  • Ideal for smaller cameras