Zacuto DSLR Baseplate

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Zacuto's DSLR baseplate is a central part of any rig, with extensions for battery / power at the rear, whilst rod holes are present on the side for mounting other accessories.

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The Zacuto DSLR Base plate is a highly configurable baseplate system available for rental at Camera Hire. Designed to accommodate a variety of cameras, with a plethora of mounts available to attach practically anything. The Base Plate has two different levels for rods, with the top level typically used for focus systems and matte boxes, whilst the bottom level allows for lens support if necessary, or the addition of hand grips. Rear rod slots are for extensions, to support battery/power additions, wireless plates, monitors or any number of other accessories you may be using whilst shooting from a tripod. On the side of the plate, rod holes are present for mounting a gunstack, shoulder support or counterweight systems for handheld shooting. Also attached to these side mounts can be a top handle, monitor arms or a complete cage which utilises both sides simultaneously.

On the underside of the Zacuto DSLR Base Plate, are two standard 1/4 20 & 3/8 16 mounting threads for use with support. The top plate is a quick release style, that with the red twist control can be rapidly released if needed. On the front of the base plate, between the rods at the front are two allen screws, that are used to adjust the top plate vertically. The vertical adjustment is to compensate for different camera body sizes, whilst maintaining the correct lens height.


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