Sony HXR-NX30P

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The Sony HXR-NX30P features an integrated Carl Zeiss Lens, Full HD (1080p) recording, 96GB onboard flash memory, and detachable high quality XLR Audio unit with 48V Phantom power.

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The Sony HXR-NX30P is a high definition camcorder providing impeccable image quality in a pleasingly compact package. The NX30P particularly excels in situations where using larger, bulky, heavy cameras would be or impractical such as documentary, corporate talks/speeches and even live bands. Using an integrated Carl Zeiss lens (35mm equivalent zoom range of 26 – 260mm) the Sony NX30P features a unique and sophisticated optical stabilisation system providing you with smooth, stable images. The Sony NX30P records up to 1920 x 1080 / 50p in an AVCHD format with an onboard 96GB flash memory unit for long-format recording, however the NX30P also features an additional SD Card slot for an alternate recording option.

The Sony NX30P also provides and boasts high quality audio connectivity via a detachable XLR unit featuring 48V phantom power, recording level control, time code reset functionality and also offers the option of Linear PCM audio recording. The NX30P also features an LED video light and NightShot capabilities.

The true innovation behind Sony’s HXR-NX30 lies in their SteadyShot technology comprising of a an ultra wide-angle Carl Zeiss 10x optical zoom lens mounted within a gyroscope, resulting in unbelievably steady images making this camera perfect for the hand-held shooter. Sony has gone one step further by allowing the user to choose to shoot in fixed mode, without stabilisation, or easily switch on the SteadyShot whenever more stability is needed. This feature is great for walking and shooting or for journalists who may need to hold the camera steady, high-above their head while demanding the truth in front of city hall. The NX30P also features a 1/2.88 ExmorR image sensor.

If there aren’t already enough features in this camera, Sony has taken another step providing the camera with an integrated projector, which is built right into the back of the LCD display. Plus, with the ability to project up to a 100″ diagonal image on any flat, near-white surface, the projector really opens up the possibilities of how you can use your HD camcorder. If you’re also looking to output your video source to an HDTV or external monitor, the camera’s integrated HDMI port features another convenient way to share your home movies with friends and family.


  • 2 IN STOCK
  • NXCAM camcorder with full HD recording
  • Camera shoots up to 1080p/50
  • Carl Zeiss 26mm lens with 10x optical zoom
  • 2 x XLR Audio Inputs
  • Built-in Projector
  • SDHC Memory Included
  • Full HD recording up to 50 / 60P
    96GB onboard flash memory
    26-260mm ( 10X ) zoom lens with stabilisation
    Inbuilt projector
    XLR audio unit