Sennheiser EW-112 P G3 Lapel Microphone Kit Hire

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The Sennheiser EW-112 P G3 Lapel Microphone Kit is a wireless portable microphone system, featuring a receiver, transmitter and lavalier clip-on mic. The kit is easy to use and provides excellent results.

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The Sennheiser EW-112 P G3 Lapel Microphone Kit is a wireless portable microphone system available for rental at Camera Hire. This kit is designed for portable wireless operation, video and field recording applications. This system is camera-mountable, featuring a UHF diversity receiver, bodypack transmitter and also including a ME2 Lavalier clip-on microphone.

A backlit display and easy to navigate menu system allows for easy operation in every environment, whilst an auto-lock function ensures no disruptive accidental settings changes can occur. For those seeking a high quality, rock solid lapel mic system this is a great choice.


  • Sturdy metal housing (transmitter and receiver)
  • 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tuneable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception
  • Enhanced frequency bank system with up to 12 compatible frequencies
  • High-quality true diversity reception
  • Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference when transmitter is turned off
  • Automatic frequency scan feature searches for available frequencies
  • Enhanced AF frequency range
  • Increased range for audio sensitivity
  • Wireless synchronisation of transmitters via infrared interface
  • User-friendly menu operation with more control options
  • Illuminated graphic display (transmitter and receiver)
  • Auto-Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings
  • HDX compander for crystal-clear sound
  • Transmitter feature battery indication in 4 steps, also shown on receiver display
  • Programmable Mute function
  • Integrated Equaliser and Soundcheck mode
  • Contacts for recharging BA 2015 accupack directly in the transmitter
  • Wide range of accessories adapts the system to any requirement


  • EK 100 G3 Camera Mountable Receiver
  • SK 100 G3 Bodypack Transmitter
  • ME2 Clip-On Lavalier Mic
  • 1680 Tuneable Frequencies Across 42 MHz
  • Auto Frequency Scan Finds Open Bands
  • 3 Level Squelch To Block Interference
  • 20 Banks With 12 Channel Presets Each
  • Compander For Clearer Sound
  • Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment

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