Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine Hire

$60 / day
$90 / weekend
$180 / week

The Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine is a professional compact fog machine, perfect for sets with limited space or the need to hide the fog machine in the shot. It's energy efficient design allows it to be run off of smaller generators.

* Hire rates include GST, but exclude any insurance or delivery costs

** If you happen to find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat it.

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The Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine delivers a powerful, continuous stream of professional-quality fog. The Mini-V’s small design and energy-efficient, durable heat exchanger make it an ideal choice for mobile users or applications that lack the space for a larger fog generator. Simple functions mean easy operation; you simply press and hold a button to make fog. The Mini-V heats quickly and delivers a solid stream of fog, triggered by an on/off rocker switch. This light-weight unit is easily transported to any location that needs a professional-grade fog machine – making the Mini-V ideally suited for photographers, mobile DJs, event planners and cinematographers. The Mini-V fits comfortably into standard duct work, making it applicable for industrial use, such as HVAC testing.