Redrock Follow Focus V2 Kit Hire

$ 35 / day
$45 / weekend
$65 / week

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Redrock’s Follow Focus V2 kit allows the smooth control of focus with gears, facilitating smooth and precise focus shifts.

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The Redrock microFollowFocus, is a focus pulling mechanism available for rental at Camera Hire. This follow focus includes a backlash that greatly enhances the precision of focusing. Integrated hard stops with easy begin/end setups allow fast and easily reproduced racking between two points, thus achieving excellent focus on lenses without hard stops. A moveable focus indicator allows you to adjust focus from any place on the camera whilst maintaining a view of the focus indicator and focus wheel. A flippable gearbox adjusts the drive gear front and rear and is compatible with lenses of any size. An all metal, industry standard machined accessory port enables the use of focus whips and speed cranks to the system, whilst a Kung Fu rubberized handgrip minimises hand-slips and ensures stable shooting.


  • Follow focus for a variety of lenses
  • Precise, smooth focus pulls