IKAN PD-1 Wireless Follow Focus

$ 80 / day
$120 / weekend
$180 / week

IKAN's PD-1 is a high quality wireless follow focus unit designed for use with a range of camera systems. Well suited to gimbals such as the DJI Ronin, this adds vital functionality when flying a remote camera.

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The Remote Air One (PD Movie) Single Channel Wireless Follow Focus System with Standard Torque Motor from ikan allows you to pull focus remotely from up to 300′ away. It operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency and allows you to select from 20 channels for best transmission/reception. The standard torque motor is good for use with primes, lightweight zooms, and infinitely rotating DSLR style lenses. The remote handwheel unit features an OLED screen with a blue readout that displays information confirming your signal settings and battery condition. The system automatically calibrates your lens and maps the rotation of the lens to the handwheel, providing a consistent workflow, even when using lenses with varying degrees of rotation.

You can adjust the focus stops, and when you are using lenses with infinite rotation, you can program in the near and far focus stops. The handwheel incorporates a rechargeable Li-ion battery, while the motor requires external power, which can be supplied by the included P-Tap cable attached to available batteries. The motor and receiver units incorporate 19mm rod clamps, that feature about an inch of adjustment. The system includes 15mm sleeves that adapt the 19mm rod clamps so you can mount the motor on 15mm rods. The system fits in a water resistant polypropylene hard case with custom cut foam, an o-ring gasket, and pressure relief valve.

Wireless Range
  • The focus system features a three-hundred foot line of site range, although it is unlikely that you will need to pull focus from three hundred feet. However, a signal powerful enough to work from that distance makes it unlikely that you will drop connection during a shot when you are pulling focus close to the camera.
  • The unit functions on the 2.4 GHz wireless band, and offers you twenty channels to choose from, so you can select the channel that gives you the least interference.
Motor & Receiver
  • This unit comes with a standard torque focus motor.
  • The focus motor features a standard film pitch gear.
  • The motor and receiver fit on 19mm rods or 15mm rods using the included adapters.
  • The brackets for both the motor and receiver feature approximately one inch of adjustment.
  • The remote handwheel features a white marking disk.
  • It features an internal Li-ion battery, and the system includes a USB charger and cable.
  • The system automatically calibrates your lens and allows you to set near and far focus stops for working with lenses that do not feature hard stops.
  • The handwheel incorporates a blue OLED display that shows Frequency, channel selection, signal strength, and battery voltage of both the transmitter and receiver. The blue display is visible in both dim and bright lighting conditions.
  • The system comes with all necessary cables, including a P-Tap cable for powering the receiver and motor from a camera mounted battery with a P-Tap connector, as well as the motor line cable that connects the motor to the receiver.
  • The system packs into an included, water-resistant, polypropylene case that features an o-ring gasket, pressure relief safety valve, and custom laser cut foam.