GoPro Fusion 360-degree kit

The GoPro Fusion is a 360 camera featuring two offset lenses capable of capturing everything that happens around it in 5.2K resolution spherical video up to 30 fps, or 18MP spherical photos in both raw and JPEG.

$ 80

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The GoPro Fusion brings 360 and VR video capability to the GoPro range in a single unit, featuring two slightly offset cameras. The GoPro Fusion can capture everything around it in 5.2K 30fps video, or 3K 60fps for smoother viewing experiences for VR. Spherical audio is also recorded using multiple microphones to capture 4-channel audio for immersive surround sound from all directions.

For stills – 18MP spherical photos can also be captured, in both raw and JPEG formats. The GoPro Fusion is rated waterproof to 16′ (5 metres), features built-in GPS, voice control, digital stabilisation, and requires two microSD cards to record video (one for each camera).

With GoPro’s OverCapture feature, you can extract a moveable 1080p or 720p chunk out of your existing 360 video and create a standard HD video, as if you had a virtual tripod and zoom lens with a camera operator.