ARRI Alexa Classic (w/ High Speed License)

$480 / day

The ARRI Alexa camera system features a Super-35 sensor with high sensitivity with a base EI of 800 and dynamic range. In addition, the camera offers a PL-mount and a variety of recording options.

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The ARRI Alexa Classic is the classic tried-and-true camera from the Alexa family. In addition, it features the industry-favourite sensor featured in all of ARRI’s cameras. To clarify, the ARRI Alexa Classic has a 16:9 sensor. Finally, the original SxS module for SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards. This enables ProRes recording in-camera.

ARRI Alexa Classic Features:

  • Includes 120fps high-speed license
  • Features the classic film-like, organic look popular with Alexa enthusiasts
  • High dynamic range with 14+ stops exposure latitude over the entire EI range
  • Also, high sensitivity, with a base sensitivity of EI 800 and adjustable from EI 160 to EI 3200
  • Alexa colour science – natural colour reproduction, especially for skin tones and excellent colour separation
  • Can record/playback ProRes with embedded rich metadata
  • Compatibility with industry standards – 35mm PL mount lenses, Gold mount or V-lock batteries
  • Simple and safe operation, with a rugged, reliable and ergonomic design.
  • Finally, the ARRI Alexa Classic features a High Quality EVF

Arri Alexa Specifications

  • Image Sensor Size: 23.8mm x 13.4mm
  • Sensor Type: 35mm ALEV III CMOS
  • Advertised Dynamic Range: 14+ stops
  • Sensor Resolution Actual Size: 2880 x 1620 pixels


  • Lens Mount: PL Mount
  • Shutter Angle Range: 5 to 356°
  • Recording Media: Internal Recording – SxS Pro (64gb Pro Cards Required for High Speed Recording)
  • Base ISO: 800 (Ei 160 to Ei 3200 Available)

Internal Recording

  • Prores Only- 4444, 422 HQ, 422, 422 Lt,
    0.75 – 60 FPS @4444,
    60-120 FPS @422 (High Speed Mode)
  • Log-c and ARRIRAW to External Recorder Only


  • XLR 5-pin (Audio)
  • BNC (Ret/Sync In)
  • Fisher 2-pin 24V (Bat)
  • 2x Fisher 3-pin 24V (RS)
  • Lemo 5-pin (Timecode I/O)


  • 2x BNC (Rec Out)
  • BNC (Mon Out)
  • Lemo 16-pin (Ext)
  • 2-pin 12V (12V) Lemo
  • 16-pin (EVF) Lemo
  • 10-pin (Ethernet) Lemo
  • TRS 3.5mm (Audio)


  • 6.3 kg (body only)
  • 8.7 kg (with accessories*)*Including camera body, body cap, EVF, short EVF cable and BP-9